A Welcome Letter from our Superintendent

August 17, 2021


To RV Parents, Guardians, Students and Community,


It is my pleasure to be in this new role as your Superintendent of Schools for the 2021-2022 school year.  This will be my twenty-sixth year with the River View Local District.  Throughout my tenure as a teacher, coach, principal and now superintendent, my goal has always been to make decisions that put our students and staff in positions to reach their full potential.  


We find ourselves still navigating issues with COVID-19 and are in close contact with local and state health organizations. As we begin the 2021-2022 school year, students and staff will not be required to wear a mask in our buildings.  They are more than welcome to wear one if they so choose.  On the other hand, the CDC has made it very clear that masks are mandated for all occupants on a school bus including students, the driver and any coaches/adults.  We will comply with that mandate as it supersedes the Ohio Revised Code for public transportation.  We do not want the district or our drivers to face potential litigation.  Students will be offered a mask as they enter the bus and the driver will remind them to wear it.  


Within each of our schools, we will be diligently cleaning surfaces and social distancing as much as possible.  Elementary students will be eating in the cafeteria with the use of barriers on the tables similar to RVJH.  At RVHS, we will be separating our classes in the lunchroom and gym in order to socially distance ourselves.  


In summary, I would ask the RV Community as a whole to respect individuals and families who chose to wear a mask and those who don't.  Without a mandate in place, it will be up to each district to work through Covid issues depending on the attendance at each building and the number of available staff members throughout the year.   I anticipate that we will have to make adjustments as the year goes on.  Know that we will communicate with our public and especially parents on any changes in expectations from cleaning, seating, sanitizing, social distancing, or wearing of face coverings.


Again, as an educator that has made RV my home for the past twenty-five years, I have always been proud of how our district and community has handled itself in times like these.  I am proud to be your superintendent and appreciate the honor and trust you have instilled in me.  Go Bears!


In Education,


C. Rinkes, Superintendent 

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