Principal's Message

Mr. Charles Rinkes

Charles Rinkes
Principal ~ River View High School

January 26, 2021


Dear Parent/Guardian of River View High School Student(s):


Greetings from River View High School! I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during this very turbulent time in your world's history as we hopefully near the end of this pandemic. As was mentioned, we will not be printing grade cards this grading period for the first time in our school’s history.  Each student has a device and a Progress Book account where the grade card can be accessed on the left hand side of the screen.  You are welcome to call the office and request a printed grade card.  We can either hand that to your student or send it out in the mail.  This will also cut down on cost as we are trying to save as much as possible since the defeat of the levy.


Parent-Teacher Conversations

We want to invite you to have a conversation with your student’s teachers on Feb. 18th, 3-6:15 pm. Our second round of PT conferences for 2nd semester will be  March 25th, 2:30-6:00. Please mark your calendars and plan on having a phone conference or Zoom conference with your students teachers for this year.  In this unprecedented time, your contact with their teachers is needed more than ever. Students are struggling, as are teachers and having everyone on the same page is vital.


Grade Cards and the Grading Policy

The link for Grading Policy can be found in the Student Handbook. You can find the handbook online by clicking on “School Info and Links” from the HS webpage. Please review your child’s report card keeping in mind the following policy:

In order to receive credit for a full-year class, 

students must receive a passing grade in three nine weeks grading periods, or 

receive a passing grade in two nine weeks grading periods and both the semester and final exams.


In order to receive credit for a semester class,

students must receive a passing grade in two nine weeks grading periods, or 

receive a passing grade in one nine weeks grading period and a passing grade on the exam.


If you or your student have any questions regarding the passing of classes and the requirements, or in reading or understanding the grade card itself, please feel free to contact the Guidance Office or the Principal’s Office. Students who have failed a course for the semester will have a discussion with the guidance office regarding options for credit recovery and mandates for completion of the credit.


G.A.P. After School Program (Graduate Assistance Program)

If your student is struggling to get work completed or needs 1-1 help to study, they should attend GAP. Parents can refer students to GAP with the online form on the website, calling the HS office or talking to a specific teacher about your student.


Juniors will be taking the ACT Test on Feb. 23rd, 2021

As mentioned before, ODE is offering the ACT to all juniors as one of the three paths to graduation. On Feb. 23rd, all juniors at RVHS will be taking the ACT free of charge. We have started working with juniors to prepare them for the ACT during Enrichment. We have created an ACT Google Classroom for students to complete reviews of ACT Videos along with practice tests.  ALL juniors can access this information, including CCCC and remote students.  All juniors will take the ACT on Feb. 23rd including F2F, CCCC and Remote Juniors. 

For students to use the ACT as a graduation pathway, they must achieve a remediation free score on the Reading (22), English (18), and Math (22). Again, this is one path to a diploma in Ohio along with students taking the seven End of Course exams gaining eighteen points or Career Tech students taking the ACT WorkKeys exams achieving thirteen points along with achieving twelve credential points in the career tech field.


College Credit Plus (CCP)  

Because of the pandemic, we will not conduct our annual CCP meeting in the auditorium.  We will be releasing a video containing all the information you need to understand the CCP process.  At the end of the video you will have a link to the required CCP Intent Form that needs to be turned into the RVHS Guidance Office by April 15 to participate in CCP for the 2021-22 school year. During Parent Teacher Conferences on March 25th from 2:30 to 6pm Guidance Counselors will be available to take you calls concerning CCP and the Intent Form that needs to be completed.  



Obligations that are owed by your student (green page) were given to your student at RVHS. Please remember this amount reflects only those fees on record in the main office. Many fees for the current school year are not yet entered into the system if the student is still in the class. Those fees would be considered “current” rather than “past due” and therefore not yet assessed. Also, club dues, sports obligations, and class dues are not collected by the main office, and therefore never entered into the system. Those obligations will not show on this invoice. On the front is a listing of the obligations. On the back is a detailed explanation of our fees, dues, and obligations. Call RVHS with questions.


Progress Book for Parents and Students

Remember that you can access your child’s current grades and their GRADE CARD through Progress Book on the River View HS website. Click on “Parents” found on the home page. Parents and students have each received separate usernames and passwords to access this information. If you have NEVER set up your account, please contact Janell Davis in the school library. If you simply need a password reset, click on the link “Forgot My Password” and follow the instructions. 


Scheduling for 2021-22 School Year

The process for scheduling for next school year’s courses will begin in mid Feb.  We will be making announcements and posting information in the RVHS Attendance and News Google Classroom.


Daily Announcements

A link on the high school website provides all daily announcements made at the high school. Parents and students (especially CCP students) are encouraged to check this site to keep up with information and events occurring at the high school.  


Calendar Dates


    February 15    Presidents Day  No School

    February 16    RVLSD will be remote on this Tuesday after the holiday

February 18    Parent/Teacher Virtual Conferences (3-6:15 pm)     

February 23    Juniors ACT testing (8:00 - 11:00 am)

February 25    Spring Sports Parent Meeting in HS Auditorium (7:00 - 9:00 pm)

March 19        Grading Period ends (3rd 9-Weeks)

March 25        Parent/Teacher Virtual Conferences (2:30-6:00 pm)

        Parents can call Guidance Counselors about CCP for 2021-22




C. Rinkes, Principal



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